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Food Durham is County Durham’s Food Partnership, hosted by the Outdoor and Sustainability Education Specialists (OASES).  The food partnership raises awareness of the importance of food and how it relates to the economy, the environment, health and well-being, and issues of social justice. We want to bring about change to the food system by working in partnership with public, private and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sectors across County Durham. 

Food Durham is very much a team effort. Everyone with an interest in food has a part to play, whether that is through creating a community garden or developing a sustainable local food procurement policy. Food Durham, the County Durham Food Partnership, is a member of the Sustainable Food Places network, and has a Sustainable Food Places Bronze Award, which recognises the good work done by our many partners, large and small. We are also a member of the North East Sustainable Food Alliance (NESFA), which is an umbrella organisation for established and fledgling food partnerships in northeast England.

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